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Once upon a time on a far away land, there were two mother kangaroos named Wilka and Aussie. They were very good friends who loved to gossip.
“Did you see what Leeny the lion was wearing to the ball last night? JAJAJAJA!” said Wilka
“Oh, she has such a bad taste,” said Aussie.
“I know, she shouldn't even be allowed in our social group,” said Wilka
“I'm with you honey.”
“Speaking about undesirable people, guess what happened to Kowy the cow!”
“Tell me! Tell me! That cow has no class.”
“Well Katy the cat, told Fran the Frog, who told Liz the Lizard that Kowy's daughter was fooling around with Benny the bull's son.”
“You don't say! My turn, I have a good one! But there are still some important details for me to find out.”
“Well tell me, maybe I can fill in the blanks.”
“Okay. Well, I don't know who the person is, but I'm sure the information is good. It's from a reliable source.”
“Who told you?”
“Franny the Frog's kid told Gracie the goose aunt, who told Any the ant, who overheard Steve the Kangaroo confess to Wilhelm the goat that he and his girlfriend were planning to escape from home because the girl's mother was a pain in the…”
“ JAJAJAJAJA! This is better than I imagined. Poor woman. She should be ashamed. That's what you get for not knowing how to be a good mother. I pity her.”
After a while the two friends left to their homes. Wilka started preparing dinner for her husband and her children.
“Dear, where is Stephanie? She's supposed to be home two hours ago.”
“I don't know dear, she should be home any second”
     The hours passed and Stephanie the Kangaroo never arrived. In the desesperation, Wilka called the police, but no one seemed to be able to find Stephanie.
The phone rang.
“Yes, who is this?”
“Wilka, hi, its Steven's mom, Cassandra. Have you seen my son? Hours ago, he told me he was going to visit Stephanie.”
“No, I haven't seen him nor Stephanie. I'm starting worry”
     The days passed and no sign of neither the kids. Wilka fell into a depression, her daughter was gone. She was hurting deeply not only because of the loss of her daughter, but because she knew that she would be the talk of the town and even Aussie would be thrilled charing this new gossip with her other friends.
Moral: Be careful what you do to others. You could be in their shoes.
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