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The Bet

James lived in Prudeville, a small town in Massachusetts. He was one of those men that always got what they wanted. James was a tall elegant guy. His skin was tight and faultless; it looked like the coat of a peach. James was very eloquent. When he spoke, everyone listened. He was an unforgettable man who always got his way.
One day, James and his buddies were in a nearby bar having some drinks and playing pool. To make the game interesting they decided that the looser had to do something that would amuse the other. James lost the game and had to pay his debt. He decided that he should do what he did best, conquer a lady. But it not just any one, he should prove his abilities by conquering the unreachable one.
James took a stroll around the park to see if he could find just the right victim, and that's when he saw her. She was beautiful, “An untouched flower, a pure innocent lass.” all the town people said. Her name was Rodnica and she was the daughter of a very well known and wealthy family. She was a petite lady. She had one of those faces that you just had to look at; it was extraordinary. With her big blue lantern eyes, she light up every room that she entered. Her dark hair made a surprising contrast with her pale skin. She was prefect! Rodnica had many admirers, but the majority was not brave enough to make an approach. Ironically, she rejected those who were, no one met her high standards.
James was as amused as a little boy looking at a chocolate pie, deciding were to take his first bite. His Maquiavelic mind started to prepare a plan to conquer her. He decided on a give and take strategy. First he gave her flowers, she gave him a smile. Then he gave her a poem, she gave him a hug. His work her was almost done. With just some innocent kisses, a few lovely words, a little persuasion, she was his. The next day, he disappeared, taking her virginity with him. But trust me, his friends were not the only ones breathless.
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